mig33 and RIM partner for the first time to expand their user base

mig33 and RIM partner for the first time to expand their user base

by Goutama Bachtiar

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e27 - mig33 – BlackBerry 9220 Challenge: "Nice to mig you"

mig33 & BlackBerry 9220 Challenge: “Nice to mig you”

Dubbed as the world’s largest mobile and web community, mig33 establishes their first ever strategic partnership with Research In Motion (RIM) to grow its current members of 65 million in which 33 millions users are Indonesians.

Now BlackBerry users can find and would be able to install mig33 app in its app store,BlackBerry AppWorld.

In order to promote and create the buzz amongst users, a two weeks celebration starting July 1 to July 15 will be rolled out in four cities in Indonesia – Pekanbaru, Banjarmasin, Cirebon and Madura. These are the top four cities identified by Singapore-based messaging platform as top four cities where most of their users reside in.

“Overall campaign objective is to celebrate the expansion of platform into BlackBerry, which is an important platform for our fanatical users in Indonesia,” says mig33 CEO and Founder, Steven Goh.

RIM will be leverageing on ‘mig33 – BlackBerry 9220 Challenge’ as the event to promote their “affordable” devices which was launched earlier this year – the BlackBerry Jazz 9220.

Accounting for nearly 50 percent of total mig33 users worldwide, most of Indonesians that rejoice the mobile social entertainment services from their feature phone live in rural regions of the country.

This tie-up will help Canadian handset manufacturer expand their geographical expansion by tapping in new field besides urban areas in which there are approximately 12 million BlackBerrians.

During his Jakarta visit with then Business Development Vice President Chris Chandler, Steven revealed the fact that they had strong presence in Indonesia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This is pretty similar with RIM targeted countries, which contribute the biggest share. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if new products or services were to be launched in these respective countries.

He continues to add that “[mig33] will have plenty of offline meet-up and gathering in Indonesia this year as their highest priority is on user engagement and user base expansion. The team led by Kiki Rizki will be the busiest team among counterparts in other countries where [mig33] have their grip on.”

To encourage number of participants involved and increase the level of engagement, a crowdsourcing activity has been set-up. Miglovers across the archipelago are invited to send their best initiatives and ideas on how the event should be.

The best idea selected will get the sponsorship and the winning community will execute their ideas on selected cities. There is also an online quiz provided by @blackberryid on mig33’s miniblog. A lucky participant will also get a BlackBerry Jazz as the prize.


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