It’s 10 P M – Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Life's Tool Box - A Guide for Parents and Educators

   I grew up hearing every night before the news on channel 5 – “It’s 10 PM – do you know where your children are?”   This week, on the morning news I heard: “Over 70 percent of parents admit to spying on their children’s Facebook pages. “   For today’s parents to know where their children are – physically and virtually – at ten and around the clock, they need to expand their supervision.  Parenting and supervising children, following their real and digital footprints  is NOT SPYING. It is conscientious parenting to support safe and healthy development!

Spying is done surreptitiously, and that is not a good model for parenting.  Sneaky parenting inevitably leads to the discovery of important information, but then, what do you do with it?  Too often I have had parents in my office, or similarly teachers consult with me, sharing information they obtained by raiding lockers, reading journals, or…

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