Is your tablet or smartphone giving away your identity?

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With many users now treating their iPads, tablets and smartphones like PCs, the risk of picking up viruses or attracting hackers has increased tenfold, says Jennifer Scott.

We continue our internet security series, in association with Trend Micro, with the following guide to tablet safety

Since Apple’s success with the launch of the iPad in 2010, there has been a boom in the technology industry and other companies have followed suit, including BlackBerry with its PlayBook and HP with its TouchPad, but neither have reached the popularity of Apple’s trailblazer.

Google wants to change that. The internet company went mobile in 2008 with its Android operating system. Like Windows on PCs or OSX on Macs, Android is the software in control.

Android is open source. This means the code is developed by a community of techies, working together on the software. The code is then free for anyone to…

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